We believe in the dignity of the human person and in labor.

We are commited to bridging the gap in financial inclusion by stepping financial services down to the under-served with a special focus on rural women.

Who we are:
we are non-governmental organization that is committed to guilding individual through the discipline that create and enriched people.


What we do:
We bring innovative solutions to meet the SDG goal 1 ‘No poverty’ by enriching lives through education and empowerment. We also target women for their roles in the family and Nation building.


Financial Awareness

In partnership with GIZ, we train micro-business owners & rural women on Financial literacy.

Financial Empowerment

  • Provision of a platform for rural women to access credit to start up or upscale their businesses.
  • To save & invest from their business proceeds.
  • To have a credit history.
  • Platform to access Insurance.
  • Platform to access pensions.

We believe every Nigerian Woman has the resilience to make a meaning of her life with some support